84 Lumber Electronic Data Interchange Specs



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Testing Procedures and Additional Information

Which VAN and ISA ID # 84 Lumber will use will be dependent on which VAN you are using.  For a listing of the VAN's we use, please review our specs.
Please email us with your ISA ID/qualifier and VAN.  Once we receive that information from you we will let you know which VAN and ISA ID # to use for us and we will get you set up so you can begin testing.
We test with live data, so it is important you use a "P" indicator and not a "T" in the ISA15 segment when you send your test or your data will error off before it can not be viewed.
We will need you to fax a copy of the test invoice you send to 866-870-8405 so we can proof your data.  When everything looks good, you will be moved to a production status. 

If you have any additional questions or need additional information, please contact edi@84lumber.com.