84 Lumber's Web Page Invoicing Instructions

Any uninvoiced P.O.'s you currently have can be sent to the new system to be easily invoiced back to 84 Lumber.  Please select the "P.O. Request" Button on the main menu page.  You will need to enter the store # and the P.O. # of the ones you need sent to your web page.  Our first data send each day is at approx. 9:15 am EST (Monday - Friday).  Please wait until after 9:30 am EST to verify you have not received the P.O.'s you need before requesting them.  You will receive an email notification when you have P.O.'s on your web page available for invoicing.  Copies of the P.O.'s are sent to the web page for invoicing purposes only84 Lumber's orders should continue to be processed as they have in the past from the faxed or phoned in orders you receive from us.

There is a one time $29.95 set up and the cost to send an Invoice is $0.84, but P.O.'s, acknowledgements, and email notifications are of no charge to your company.  These fees are deducted from our payments to you and you will receive a statement from us each month.

Occasionally a store will put the wrong vendor ID on a P.O. causing it to be sent to the wrong location and you will need to request it to be sent to your web page or one will be sent to your company by accident instead of its intended destination.  If you receive one of these purchase orders and you are not sure it has reached the correct location, you may want to confirm with the issuing store whether or not this P.O. is for your company.  You do not need to notify the EDI Department or your 84 Lumber A/P clerk when you receive one of these - only the issuing store can confirm this information.  If the P.O. is for your company the issuing store can provide you with a faxed copy.  If you have received a P.O. in error and need to delete one of these there is a "CANCEL ORDER" button in the top right hand corner when you read a Purchase Order and this will remove it from your screen.

When you are ready to return a P.O. as an invoice:

Go to https://84connect.com/edi and select "EDI Webpage" on the left side of the page.  Here you can log on to your web account.  After you log on to your web page, from the Purchase Order Management menu page, select "Unread Purchase Orders Available".  Once you a view ("Details") a Purchase Order it is moved to "Purchase Orders Read but not yet Invoiced" and is still available to be invoiced from there.

2.) Find the P.O. # you want to invoice and select the "Create Invoice" button next to it .  If you find you are missing a P.O. please go to the P.O. request page and you can request it to be sent out to your web page. 

3.) Next you will need to enter your invoice #, invoice date, "Terms Discount Amount ($)" (if that applies to your company or "0" - this is a dollar amount, not the number of days), discount date (if this applies to you), and the invoice due date.

4.) Select the "Calculate" button at the bottom of the page to confirm our Purchase Order equals your invoice amount.  If the calculated totals do not match, you have the ability to change the quantity, price, or add and remove items from the web invoice.

5.) Select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page and your invoice is on its way.  Do not submit more than once or you will receive an error message.

6.) We will send an acknowledgement to the web portal letting you know we have received your invoice.  Acknowledgments are sent (4) times per day (M-F) so it will not appear immediately after you send the invoice.  To see if we have received/acknowledged your invoice - from the main menu page select "Review Invoices" and you will see "Accepted" in the "Ackn Status" column.

Unfortunately, we do not send out revisions when the stores have additions or make corrections to their orders, but you have the ability to change the price, quantity, and /or description if needed when you create the invoice.  This should not affect your payment unless there are other issues - if the store has changed the amount or price in their system, the invoice will process correctly when it is auto-reconciled through our system here.

You can also add items ("MORE") if needed.  This button is located directly under the "Detail Information".  To take off ("REMOVE") items you will not be shipping or are canceling use the button located on the right hand side of the individual detail lines.  If you need to delete a P.O. there is a "CANCEL ORDER" button in the top right hand corner when you read a Purchase Order.  For backordered items or items you are not billing now, just change the quantity to "0" (zero) then change it back to the correct # when you are ready to invoice these items and change the previously invoiced items to "0" or "REMOVE" them.  These previously invoiced purchase orders can be found under "Invoiced Purchased Orders" and can be used again from there if you have more items to invoice us for.

A credit is very similar to an invoice. When you create a credit memo, there is a "Credit Invoice" box to check under "Invoice Header Information". This check tells the system it is a credit memo and it will know to do the proper calculations. You will need to enter a negative quantity for the item(s) you are crediting, as the system will not calculate correctly if you enter a negative dollar ($) amount. If you have already billed for the other items on this P.O., you can make their quantity "0" or "Remove" them. You will not be able to use the same invoice #, as the system will not permit you to submit a duplicate invoice #, but if you add an "A" to the end, it will go through. If this is a recently submitted invoice, the P.O. should still be in your "Invoiced Purchase Orders" and can be used again and again through there ("Create Invoice")

If you request a Purchase Order and it is not sent, it could be because the store has closed or the system has detected that it was previously sent to your company and can be found in "Unread Purchase Orders", "Invoiced Purchase Orders" or "Purchase Orders Read but not yet Invoiced".
Once a store is closed, we no longer have the ability to send their Purchase Orders and these will need to be entered as an "Unassociated Invoice".

As in the past 84 Lumber can accept multiple invoices for a P.O. but each invoice must have a unique invoice number.  Unless requested, we will no longer be able to accept your invoices via fax or mail - you could be subject to a $50.00 per invoice paper processing fee. 

All questions regarding using your web account, payments or deductions, and questions regarding your invoices or statements should be directed to your 84 Lumber Accounts Payable Clerk.  If you are unsure who your clerk is our A/P Department can be reached at 724-228-8820 X:1300.  Please let your clerk know if you need any additional information or have any questions.